Wanna be on TV?

Check this out from ABC News:

Is your child gambling more often after watching poker games on television? Do you approve of it as an innocent pastime, or are you concerned it’s becoming a dangerous habit?

For an upcoming story, ABCNEWS.com is looking for families to talk about the growing trend of poker-playing among teens and younger children.
ABCNEWS.com : Is TV Poker Increasing Teen Gambling?

Click the link to go to the form that lets you send “your story.” I am going to ask ABC news if the Gaming Studies Research Center can have the raw results of the survey.

I’m also interested in getting copies of last week’s ESPN series on gambling and sports. I saw that Larry Grossman of You Can Bet on It was a featured expert. It’s great to see people who actually know what they are talking about get on TV.

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