Strange slots

I’m always amazed at the things that get turned into slot machines. One of the hallmarks of the slot machine is that, like the lottery, it has democratized gambling–you don’t need a big bankroll or any skill–just push “max bet” and hope for the best.

Still, this might be taking it too far.
so is losing for geniuses?
I’ve always thought that those “for dummies” books were needlessly insulting, and now, as captured in this image from a major Strip casino, it seems they have extended their franchise to slots.

Then there’s this one, which truly mystifies me.
eat up!

It just looks hideous, and the eye in the “B” and tounge sticking out of the “a” don’t help. I really think that if you were to create a parody of a casino, you would will it with slots like these.

Then there’s this, the Beverly Hillbillies, which makes perfect sense for a slot machine, because the Hillbillies lucked into sudden, life-changing wealth.
Jed Clampett
Still, the fistfulls of cash push this display perilously close to some kind of avant-garde artform.

Finally, there is a machine that is tragically unappreciated.
Herman and his family
Herman Munster simply rules. The problem with today’s world is that too many people want to be Grandpa–always making sarcastic comments and putting people down–and no one wants to be Herman. Sure, he goofs things up most of the time, but at least he tries.

It’s strange–a few years ago, the Addams Family slot was huge. I wonder why the Munsters never caught on. Probably the lack of a bonus round. It looks like a regular mechanical/electronic 3-reeler with Munsters graphics.

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  1. There are really three versions of The Munsters, two with bonus features and then the one in the picture. Check out IGT’s website:

    I, too, am amazed at what themes become slot machines because my understanding is that it is a very long process to go from conception to implementation on the floor. At various stages through the process as well as through market testing, SEVERAL people had to have said “yeah, I think Buffet Mania is a GREAT idea, I simply love the artwork!!!”.

  2. The IGT graphic design department may be anti-chef, as is evidenced by the above “Buffet Mania” chef and also the demented-looking “zesty Chef Claude” from the “Tabasco” video slots.

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