DGS speakingSpeaking in public is an outgrowth of my teaching, which I love. I do a lot of speaking to convention groups. The breakfast or lunch keynote slot seems to be ideal.

While I can talk about a variety of topics related to gambling and history, I give two presentations most frequently convention groups visiting Las Vegas. Seven Things You Should Know About Casinos is a good introduction to Vegas that answers some frequently-asked questions. It’s great for general convention groups meeting in Las Vegas. How Bugsy Blew It: Leadership Lessons from a Las Vegas Legend frames the life (and death) of Bugsy Siegel, builder of the Flamingo casino, as a cautionary tale for leaders inside and outside the boardroom. It is good for groups seeking a fun but insightful management/leadership talk.

I’ve done this a lot; at last count, I’ve well over 200 keynotes, presentations, and talks. But who’s counting?

Some of the groups I’ve spoken to include the Society of Actuaries, American Mensa, the American Institute of Architects Las Vegas, the Service Corps of Retired Professionals, and the Agenda Group. In fall 2009, I served as a special enrichment lecturer on the Crystal Cruises “Adventures of Tycho” 12-day gambling themed cruise. A captive audience, since I only lectured on sea days. I would definitely do it again, so if you’ve got a cruise ship, want a fun speaker, and don’t mind him bringing his family, I’m your guy.

In addition to my talks for general audiences, I do highly interactive workshops on a variety of conflict resolution topics, with the common theme of helping participants build skills to better navigate the stresses of the workplace. See my workshops page for more.


“David was a super after dinner speaker at the inaugural CxOutsourcers conference that was held in Las Vegas in late June.  Using humor, insight and enthusiasm for the history of Las Vegas, he was able to captivate an audience of business executives like I have never seen.  I would definitely bring him on board for future events, and encourage others looking for a dynamic presenter to do the same.”

“Dr. Schwartz’s knowledge of casinos and history, delivered in an offbeat manner, was well received by my group. He is a great speaker!”

“It was great having a subject matter expert who has a unique style of presenting share his knowledge with us. Our conference learned a lot about Las Vegas. I really appreciate his candor during the Q&A.”

To talk about scheduling a talk, please contact me.

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