casino carpet

Best carpet ever

If nothing else, today I learned that I’m not the only one with casino carpet as a wall decoration (three guesses about which carpet it is). I got an email from a gentleman whose father manufactured carpets during the 1950s and 1960s. He made this one for an unknown Las Vegas casino, and now it’s …

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Casino carpet game

Here is a cool way for you to waste some more time at work: A Las Vegas version of the classic "Concentration" game with images of Las Vegas Casino Carpets. Uncover all of the blocks by matching the pictures of the Casino Carpets. Coolvegasmap – Las Vegas Picture Game – Casino Carpet Pictures. Have fun!

Poker stacked

This is cool–a Tetris-like game that uses poker cards instead of blocks. It’s for the Xbox 360, and I’m posting about it here because the backgrounds were inspired by the carpet photos on this site: Drop cards to create the best poker hand you can in each row. Earn more points for better poker hands. …

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Encore carpet

At last I’ve gotten a chance to photograph the carpet at Encore. I didn’t make it into the mysterious sky casino (which was not on our opening tour), but I managed to get some shots of the high limit room. Neat stuff. Check it out on the Strip carpet gallery. I’ve also tweaked my background …

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Downtown revisited

Since I’ve been downtown on other business lately, I’ve had the opportunity to update, at last, the Downtown Las Vegas Casino Carpet Gallery. There are some neat things happening down there, and some not-so-neat things. My favorite “new” carpet (since the last time I’d taken pictures) has to be the California’s: it puts a new, …

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RGJ on casino carpet

The RGJ quoted me extensively in a piece on, what else, casino carpets last week. Here’s a sample: Casino carpeting is a hobby for Schwartz. He has posted shots of casino carpets throughout the nation on his Web site They’re wild and bright and follow a Nevada tradition that at least dates back to …

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New casino carpet

I’ve managed to squeeze in some time to update the carpet gallery. I’ve got new shots of the Excalibur, Luxor, Monte Carlo, Palazzo, and tons more in the Strip gallery. I’ve also streamlined the downtown gallery and placed all non-Strip, non-downtown carpets in the Clark County gallery. Plus I’ve added a Hall of Fame with …

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Casino carpet culture

The new issue of LAB magazine is out (its motto: A wunderkabinet of creative culture. With a cherry on top.), and I’ve got an article in it about my virtual collection of casino carpet. I knew that if I kept this up long enough, I’d end up in the avant garde of culture and design. …

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