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There’s another article about casino carpet available today–this is a little piece in Wired magazine:

“The carpets definitely play a big part in keeping the town as surreal as it is,” said Maluszynski by e-mail. “Thought has been given to the carpeting by people who want to create this special atmosphere, [one] that defines Vegas as a gambling city.”

via Ugly Vegas Carpets Want You to Keep Playing | Raw File.

I’m really going to update the essay that they reference to make it a little less tongue in cheek. On the Internet, no one can hear you being sardonic. I think I’ll add some more serious reasons why carpet looks like it does: mostly to hide stains and to jazz up a pretty big space. Thanks to Luxor and Aria, we’ve seen what less gaudy carpet looks like in a casino: funereal.

The urban legend that it makes you look at the machines is patently ridiculous. As bipeds with their heads 5-6 feet off the ground, humans generally look at about eye level while they’re walking. unless they’re hiking over treacherous ground. It’s not like our default mode to to stare at our shoes while we walk. The other legend, that it’s to hide chips, is flat-out stupid. Casinos want players to gamble their chips, not lose them. If a player loses money, or a chip, whoever finds it is supposed to report it to lost and found. If no one claims it after 30 days, they keep it. (At least that’s how it is in most places I’m familiar with.) If that happens, it’s a stone cold lock that the money’s not getting gambled at the casino. What kind of manager would want to encourage that?

It would be nice if casino carpet was really that mystical, but it’s really pretty common sense stuff if you think about it for a while.

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3 thoughts on “Vegas carpet in Wired”

  1. I am in the floor covering business . I do lots of carpet with wild patterns too. The reasons most casinos have loud carpet. have more to do with the stain and wear durability of the carpet . Some of the added advantage to being in a casino means themed elements and intricate patterns can be added. Which help to hide both stains and traffic wear patterns.

    Casinos also spend lots of money on their floors. For the most part all the carpet is top quality very expensive. I am not 100% sure , but i would bet that most of the carpet is woven. Probably a nylon and wool blend. The installation method is stretched in over a hair pad.

    This is just speculation on my part . I have not worked in Vegas. Just a well educated guess.

  2. BTW does it make me a freak that i can look at the casino carpet gallery and name the joint that it came from?

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