Casino carpet sneakers?

When I first started putting up carpet pictures, I thought that people might find it amusing. Little did I suspect that my galleries could serve up some series creative inspiration.

Go to a sneaker design contest that you can see here:KicksGuide Artist Series. Scroll down to the entry for Ryan Holler and click on the shoe.

When I first saw it, I was pleasantly awestruck. The idea of using carpet designs on footwear just blew me away. The card table and poker chip elements on the sole were equally impressive.

If you’re interested, you can read comments on the designs. It looks like Ryan is getting some real props for his efforts.

I was already having a pretty good morning–I finished up chapter 10 of Roll the Bones last night, and am busy on chapter 11 (the penultimate chapter). So it looks like there is plenty of inspiration to go around.

On the other hand, I’ve just realized that I wrote an entire chapter about the history of casinos in Nevada and didn’t mention the Golden Gate’s introduction of the 99 cent shrimp cocktail as part of it. Well, there’s always the next draft.

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