Does Las Vegas Have a Nightclub Bubble? in Vegas Seven

This week, I’ve got four pieces in Vegas Seven magazine. The first is the Green Felt Journal, where I take a look at whether nightclubs are reaching a saturation point:

If there’s a proven moneymaker on the Las Vegas Strip today, it’s a top-flight nightclub. With tremendous margins on bottle service and measureless lines of customers waiting to get in, clubs have been casinos’ best bet during the recession years. Once a niche amenity, clubs are now everywhere—and few expect the proliferation to slow any time soon.But are we on the verge of overbuilding? Some recent Strip history might be instructive.

via Does Las Vegas Have a Nightclub Bubble? | Vegas Seven.

I’m sure many won’t agree with me, but I think it’s important to point out that the nightclub sector in Vegas can only grow up to a point–and, as with hotel rooms, when we reach that point, there are going to be some losers.

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