Wall-Spocks Are the Future in Vegas Seven

Today’s Vegas Seven includes a short piece I wrote about a Las Vegas start-up that’s worth looking at:

Walls 360, a local wall-graphics producer, has just announced a partnership with Moshi Monsters, an online virtual pet community think Neopets meets Pokémon with 65 million registered pre-teen users. And the company, which is based just south of the Orleans, isn’t about to stop there: It has plans to launch several more licensing partnerships this summer, adding pop-culture snap to a wall-decorating lineup that already includes images from Star Trek, children’s books such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and EA videogame titles.

via It’s Only Logical: Wall-Spocks Are the Future of Las Vegas | Vegas Seven.

On one hand, it was satisfying to learn about a growing local business and share their story. On the other, it was even more satisfying to get another Star Trek reference in print. And if you want your own wall Spock, check out Walls360.

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