Three Intriguing People from Vegas Seven

The annual People Issue of Vegas Seven is out.  I wrote three profiles for it:

Aron Ezra: Wizard of Apps

Ezra is VP of Mobile for Bally Technologies

Fred Keeton: The Pathfinder

Keeton is VP of Finance for External Affairs and Chief Diversity Officer for Caesars Entertainment


1 thought on “Three Intriguing People from Vegas Seven”

  1. I enjoyed the article about Joe Asher. Sports Books are a fun place to hang out for a bit when you want to sit back and have a couple of drinks and bet on a game.

    Well the Super Bowl is this weekend and from what I have seen and read most of the media experts are taking the Giants and 3 points. 6 of the 9 writers/editors in the USA Today Sports section are going with the Giants along with the majority of writers and TV hosts on ESPN. I think the Giants are a better team but when the majority goes one way, bet the other way.

    New England 24
    New York 20

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