An Elven refuge in Las Vegas

Las Vegas isn’t known for rampant Tolkienism, but this is just too funny: they’ve turned part of Middle Earth into a master-planned community. Really:

Located in the scenic master planned community of Mountain’s Edge, Rivendell features elegantly designed single story homes in a exclusive gated community. Mountain’s Edge will be a complete community including shops, restaurants, parks and schools within the community.

Community Detail: Rivendell at Mountains Edge

I’m looking for a new house, so maybe I’ll see if anything opens up in Lothlorien or the Shire. With home prices being what they are, I’d settle for something in downtown Mordor if the commute to UNLV wouldn’t take so long.

Should I be surprised or relieved that Cirque hasn’t done a Tolkien-themed show on the Strip? It’s a toss-up.

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