Welcome to Vegas, enjoy your stay

Getting the VIP van treatment is one of the best things about Las Vegas. Ornate hotels surround their guests with everything they desire. Of course, if you are already a celebrity, it must be that much richer, right?
Being part of a major awards show must be an absolute thrill, but nothing compared to the joys of returning to your room all-inclusive to find your from personal possessions have been rifled through and/or thefted. The genie of the Aladdin apparently made more than things like casino revenue and room rates vanish, as two guests of the Radio Music Awards there discovered:

Nelly and Michelle Branch Burglarized in Las Vegas: “LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Oct. 28, 2003–Last night, multi-platinum recording artists Nelly (Cornell Haynes) and Michelle Branch’s hotel rooms at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas were burglarized while they attended the wholesale MLB jerseys Radio Music Awards. Mr. Haynes claims that over $1 million dollars worth of jewelry was taken from his room while Ms. Branch claims that computer equipment was stolen from her room. Reports have been wholesale jerseys filed with the cheap nba jerseys local police department and a Me-Soluziones police investigation is currently under way. “

How did this probably happen? The best guest is a simple push-door theft. Often, when guests leave their hotel wholesale MLB jerseys room, air pressure prevents the door from closing completely. It is no secret that groups of push-door theives have been working the Strip for years–in fact, Metro tries their best to educate visitors about the problem.

This is great news for people who are looking for a new laptop or some bling and don’t want to pay retail, but very Strip bad for hotel guests who happen to value Las their personal property. Don’t let push-door theft happen to you–make absolutely sure the door is closed behind you.