Gambling and uploading videos

You Internet users are keeping yourselves busy. When you’re not playing video games, you’re scrounging for new friends on myspace and facebook or listening to podcasts. You’re also gambling and uploading videos. Don’t take my word for it–read the report from Parks Associates:

Viewing and creating video have become significant activities for U.S. Internet users, with 31% watching online videos at least monthly and 8% uploading clips to Websites such as YouTube, according to Parks Associates’ Digital Media Habits.

This new study shows the majority of monthly “video uploaders” are young, predominately 18-24 years old, with men only slightly more likely than women to upload video. Further, the total number of uploaders is comparable to the number of monthly online gamblers.

“We’re witnessing a phenomenon that will have recognizable cultural and social effects across the country,” said John Barrett, director of research for Parks Associates. “Anything you do can be recorded and uploaded, where it is readily available to your boss, your family, your church. Ready or not, the camera’s now rolling.”

Parks Associates Newsroom: Video Uploaders almost equal in number to Online Gamblers

Maybe there’s money to be made in a website that combines gambling, social networking, and uploading videos? A one-stop shop of sorts for the digitally absorbed.

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