LV meteor?

I’m still at the ICGRT, but this article seemed to strange not to post. From the LVRJ:

On Saturday night, an unidentified object was sent hurtling through the roof at Steven Gleicher’s workplace.

Was the football-sized object a meteor or perhaps something more common?

And perhaps just as puzzling: How could it rip through a thick pane of fiberglass strong enough to hold a human being and then embed itself into a wall?

“It could just be a large piece of asphalt because it is grey on the outside and black in the middle,” said Gleicher, an administrator at Diagnostic Imaging Southern Nevada, at 3560 E. Flamingo Road, near Pecos Road.

He was called into the center at about 1 a.m. Sunday, after the object crashed into the office and set off the fire alarm. He and firefighters inspected the place and, having found no smoke or flames, left.

It was the cleaning crew later that morning who noticed bits of dry wall on the floor below the skylight 20 feet above them. They looked up and saw the rock lodged into the dry wall about 18 feet up. It was right next to the fire alarm.

Gleicher said he went up on the rooftop of the center — the former dwelling of a homeless man — and found two other pieces of similar rock, one about three inches wide, the other about six.

A smooth surface on one side of the rocks looks man- made, and other jagged sides suggest layers of a road.

“At this point, it’s unknown what the rock is,” Gleicher said.

The skylight is double-paned fiberglass and is strong enough to walk on.

“Obviously, it came through with a lot of force,” said Larry Ginsberg, a clinical engineer at the center.

A construction crew removed the object Tuesday, and Gleicher said he planned to take it to an expert at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

“Our roof is accessible. We have thrown people off of our roof before. I just don’t think a human could throw these rocks through with enough force to land and embed itself in the wall,” Gleicher said, noting there is no building construction nearby.

He said he had recently listened to a radio show about meteor activity during this time of year and thought it might be an object from space.

He called Clay Crow, a UNLV geoscience professor, who said the object’s description didn’t sound like a meteor.

Gleicher’s theory is that the rock might have fallen off a plane. Toilet waste that leaks from planes descends in the form of ice, but lucky for Gleicher his falling object isn’t melting. — News – ‘A LOT OF FORCE’: Mystery object hits center

I’m surprised that the police aren’t investigating this guy’s claim to have thrown people off of his roof. Maybe it’s part of a backyard wrestling federation, or something.

I’m suprised that no one has invoked Area 51 to explain this phenomemon yet.

Back to the conference.

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