He writes the songs (that the slot players sing)

Think about this sitcom idea: slot tune writer by day, Mormon sacred music composer by night. If it seems implausible, that’s only because you haven’t met David Zabriskie yet. From the Salt Lake Tribune:

During his free time, David Zabriskie composes moving music for religious theatrical productions.
The work may feed his soul, but when it comes to putting food on the table, Zabriskie has a very different kind of job.
He writes tunes for slot machines.
“I have the sacred on one side, and the profane on the other,” said the Sandy-based composer about his split-personality career.
Zabriskie is the musical force behind large-scale productions by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, such as the Christmas favorite, “The Savior of the World,” and the church’s newest summer pageant in Nauvoo, Ill. And he writes traditional classical compositions for a number of groups that aren’t affiliated with the LDS Church.
But he’s also the creative mind behind music that thousands of gamblers hear every day while sliding coins and bills into slot machines around the world.
Considering the LDS Church’s outspoken stance on gambling – “don’t do it” – it may seem a controversial choice. But Zabriskie remains in good standing with his church.
“Every year I go into my bishop’s office to renew my temple recommend” – the paper that vouches for a member’s moral and spiritual fitness to enter the church’s most sacred buildings. And every year he leaves with paper in hand.

Salt Lake Tribune – Of the Sacred & the Slots

You’ve got to read the rest of the story. Here’s a highlight: Zabriskie wrote the songs for IGT games like Creature from the Black Lagoon and Reel ‘Em In. Quite an interesting life.

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