Just another schmuck…who’s redefined gaming

Not only is he a brilliant casino builder, he’s also self-deprecating. Commenting on the ad that ran during The Big Game On Sunday, Steve Wynn said:

“The humor is central — it’s what saves it. I’m just another schmuck.”

The story of the ad, if you didn’t see it, is quite interesting.

From the Las Vegas Sun:

Yes, Steve Wynn really was on top of his Wynn Las Vegas hotel when the resort’s new television commercial was filmed.

“630 feet in the air,” Wynn said with a laugh Monday afternoon as he described the elaborate measures taken to secure him to the top of his new hotel tower as a helicopter hovered 20 feet away from him.

“The blades were only three feet from my head,” Wynn said. “I was six or eight inches above the roof, and 18 inches from the edge. The helicopter was the scary part. If the guy makes a mistake, you’re instantly dead.”

Wynn was securely attached by rope and web belt to a pipe hidden behind his leg, and had to climb a 15-foot ladder and negotiate a metal mesh walkway along the edge of the top of the building to get in place to film the ad from the building’s highest point.

Wynn said he came up with the idea for the spot, which aired only in Nevada a couple of times during Fox’s Super Bowl and postgame coverage.

The commercial showed Wynn, standing on the tower’s peak, describing the hotel as the only one he’s built that carries his name. The ad then notes the property’s scheduled April opening before Wynn is heard asking about getting down from his perch.

Wynn said he was amused to hear from industry sources that two of his former Mirage Resorts hotels, Bellagio and the Mirage, blocked casino Super Bowl viewers from watching the Wynn spots, substituting company logos while the ads aired.

“I don’t think they’ll be able to block them from seeing our building,” he said.

Las Vegas SUN: Wynn ad a prelude to resort’s April opening

Blocking people from seeing things…isn’t that the sort of thing that the Legion of Doom specialized in? I know in a few episodes of SuperFriends they tried to block out the sun, or something like that. What if MGM really did invent some kind of light refractor that rendered Wynn Las Vegas invisible?

Go to the Wynn Las Vegas website to see the ad if you haven’t.

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