Miami in Dolni Dvoriste

I’ve never been to the Czech Republic, even though for years I’ve had people telling me it’s a great place to go. Still, I can’t imagine that its appeal will be enhanced by this novelty: a 1950s Miami-themed casino.


Miami Beach in the Fifties: an unforgettable blend of urban savvy and tropical style. The nostalgia of this era is captured at American Chance Casinos’, a subsidiary of Trans World Corporation, newest hot spot in the Czech Republic, Dolni Dvoriste “Route 55”, just across the border approximately 45 minutes from Linz, Austria.

ACC takes great pleasure in ringing in the New Year with the opening of its fifth casino in the Czech Republic. A soft opening celebration was held, as planned, on December 19, 2004, and will be followed by a Grand Opening Gala event on January 29, 2005. This gala event will celebrate “The Fifties” in every way and will offer guests exceptional entertainment and culinary delights.

With 995 square meters of gaming area, Route 55 is ACC’s largest European casino and like all other ACC casinos, it is decorated with a distinctive theme. Its interior is inspired by the Miami Beach “Streamline Moderne” style and is painted with a striking palette. There are 16 tables (8 American Roulette, 4 Blackjack, and 4 Poker), 2 electronic Multi-roulette tables and 94 slot machines on the main gaming floor. Additionally, on the first floor are reception, bar, coffee and grill areas. A VIP lounge, VIP gaming room and Italian restaurant with an open buffet are located on the mezzanine level, and complemented by an expansive card room and open-air terrace.

A new casino experience awaits you there!

Trans World Corporation Announces a New Casino Opening in Dolni Dvoriste, Czech Republic

Thinking about this, I guess its is no more ridiculous than a former pseudo frontier town opening casinos themed like ancient Egypt, Paris, or Venice. Still, it doesn’t seem like that great of an idea.

It seems that in the Czech Republic, even, casinos must have a coffee shop, buffet, and Italian restaurant. I wonder where the steakhouse is?

So if you find yourself in Linz craving the streamlined ambience of Miami, just make a 45-minute run for the border and go wild in Dolni Dvoriste.

Someone in Miami should open a Dolni Dvoriste-themed restaurant or bar, just for laughs.

Also, is “Route 55” the worst name ever given a casino? It’s got to be up there.

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