New Semester, New Programs at the Ombuds Office | From the Ombuds

There are a ton of interesting programs being sponsored by the Ombuds Office this fall. In my latest From the Ombuds post, I share some news about them:

Last Monday, I was privileged to take part in this year’s New Faculty Orientation. The event, organized by the Faculty Center, welcomed well over one hundred new academic and administrative faculty members to campus for a group lunch and an in-person introduction to UNLV. As part of the program, I enjoyed leading the group through a (hopefully) fun and (definitely) quick conflict resolution icebreaker activity. I suspect, however, that some may still not be entirely sure of what function the Ombuds Office serves. It made me think that, with the new semester about to begin, it would be a good time to share news of the Ombuds Office’s planned programs for the next few months as well as the services it provides.

Read it all: New Semester, New Programs at the Ombuds Office | | University of Nevada, Las Vegas

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