Grandissimo on Ralston Reports

Last night, as part of the Grandissimo launch media tour, I did a half-hour interview with Jon Ralston on Ralston Reports:

[click here if the embedded video doesn’t play]

It was great fun to be able to discuss the book at such great length on TV. What’s fascinating to me is how different hosts approach the book in different ways. With Lorrin on 97.1, I talked more about the rock star elements of Jay Sarno’s persona. On KNPR. I talked about his career’s impact on the community. Here, we talked about his business and personal life but also got more into the political and legal aspects of the book than I ever have. Interesting stuff.

I’ve already recorded an interview with Ira David Sternberg for his show Talk About Las Vegas, and I have some exciting ones scheduled. It’s great to get the book out there.