New Year, New Look

As you’ve noticed if you’re reading this, I’ve given the site a slightly new look. I switched WordPress themes, to Retina, and did a little light editing of my own to customize it. I’m still not totally settled on the look (I think I’m doing to tweak the header color to tie in better with the rest of the page, and maybe switch the image out), but this should be the look of the site for the foreseeable future.

One of the weaknesses the site has had has been how it displays on mobile devices. Muddling around the WordPress plug-in site, I stumbled upon WPTouch, which automatically creates a smartphone-friendly version of the site for mobile devices. I really like it, and I wish that I’d looked into this two years ago.

I’ve added something new: an Amazon store. Right now, I’ve just got a link in the navigation bar above, but I’ll integrate it better into the site in the coming days. I started by just putting my books in there, but I’m going to add books by people I interview and other friends, as well as books I review.

As always, I still want to improve the site and showcase my work better, so if you’ve got comments or problems, share them. The one issue that I’m most aware of isn’t with this site–it’s a podcast problem that, as best I can figure out, has something to do with UNLV’s server. I’m going to talk to the UNLV web folks this week and try to find a solution. But if you’ve got anything to share about this site, please let me know.

Thanks for reading!

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