Latest report–comparing and contrasting

I while ago, I thought it would be neat to see how some of the biggest casino gaming markets in the world have fared over the last decade. Of course we all know that Macau’s gotten huge while everyone else has looked on enviously, but I figured that pulling as much data as I could into a handy report would be of interest to people who find gaming revenues interesting.

The result is a report I’ve entitled Major Gaming Jurisdictions: Ten-Year Comparison

Casino gambling is a global business. Looking at how different jurisdictions have fared over the past ten years provides a reminder of just where the industry is heading.
This report looks at gaming revenues in eight jurisdictions, three of which overlap. They are: Nevada Statewide, Clark County, the Las Vegas Strip, Atlantic City, Mississippi, Connecticut (slots only), Macau, and Pennsylvania.

Macau is the big winner among this group. In 2002, it had roughly the same revenue total as Mississippi. In 2005, it passed Atlantic City, in 2006 it inched over the Las Vegas Strip, and in 2008 blew past all of Nevada. Today, it is clearly the undisputed leader in gaming revenue.

Read the report: Major Gaming Jurisdictions: Ten-Year Comparison

I feel like I’m writing copy for the Fearless Flyer when I promote the latest reports like this. But this is seriously an interesting read, if only because it emphasizes just how massive Macau has become.

And I’d love to add Singapore to the mix, but I can’t seem to find an official source for gaming revenues. Apparently the government isn’t big on publicizing that its casinos do, in fact, produce revenue.

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