Casino cyber security in Vegas Seven

This week in Vegas Seven‘s Green Felt Journal, I take look at an interesting letter Randall Sayre sent last month that, I think, we’d all do well to read:

According to the letter from then-Gaming Control Board member Randall Sayre on Dec. 15, the board has investigated “numerous incidents” where databases containing personal and/or financial information had been compromised. Further, the board acknowledged that as the amount of information in those databases increased, they would become an even more inviting target.

While most players wouldn’t be happy if the world discovered just how much time they spent on Kitty Glitter, there is much more at stake: The personal and financial information sitting in casino databases represents a potential gold mine for cyber criminals.

via Serious about cyber security | Vegas Seven.

This is a really, really serious issue that deserves further investigation. Casinos are entrusted with an enormous amount of sensitive information, and the security of that information is of paramount importance.

I remember hearing about the Cisco incident last summer, but this is the first I heard about the Desert Rose breach.

Hopefully we don’t have to see a major breach of a casino database before everyone in the industry takes this as seriously as Sayre is suggesting.

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