New podcast: Jack Harpster talks about Si Redd

There’s a new podcast up, available on iTunes and on the UNLV Gaming Podcast page:

23-August 5, 2010
Jack Harpster, Author, King of the Slots: William “Si” Redd
In this interview, Harpster discusses his background and his new book about IGT founder Si Redd.

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Fun interview to do–I really like talking to authors about their books. If you haven’t seen it, I reviewed the book a few days ago.

If my voice sounds a little shot, it’s because it is. I spent a few hours down at the Star Trek Convention at the Hilton interviewing fans, vendors, and several others over the din of the vendors’ room. I met some really nice people there, though, and learned about a Las Vegas-based start up, The Intergalactic Bartender. They’ve got a particularly interesting story that I’m hoping to write more about. If you’re a Trek fan or just want to see people having a lot of fun (and maybe join in yourself), head down to the Hilton this weekend.

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