Nothing doing in New Jersey

Casting around the Internet for stories to comment on, I saw a promising headline: Newsweek would tell me exactly why Garden State casinos were having such a hard time. Here’s the first paragraph, but you should click through and read the whole thing, just for fun:

The Great Recession has brought more bad luck. According to a recent report by the American Gaming Association, casinos—a supposedly recession-proof sin business—shed revenue in 2008 and ’09. That’s the first two-year decline since the industry went national in 1978, and it hit the traditional gambling hubs hardest. Nevada suffered the steepest plunge in state history (more than 10 percent last year), while New Jersey slid about 13 percent, as more than a third of Atlantic City’s casinos declared bankruptcy.

via Gambling and the Great Recession in New Jersey – Newsweek.

It’s amazingly content-free. That article gives Seinfeld a run for its money in being about nothing. Seriously, besides recapitulating a few stats, there’s nothing there–no effort to explain why. Talk about bait and switch.

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