New podcast up–locals casinos and urban growth

We’ve got our latest podcast up over at UNLV’s Center for Gaming Research: the Colloquium talk by our March 2010 Gaming Fellow, Pascale Nedelec, ” Urban Dynamics in the Las Vegas Valley: Casinos and Sprawl.”

Here’s her abstract of the talk:

Las Vegas is well known for its urban sprawl. While the casino industry has played an obvious role in the development of Las Vegas, no systematic study has evaluated the exact nature of urban growth and the rise of neighborhood casinos. This presentation examines whether the neighborhood casinos are a driving force for urban sprawl, or if they are a local outgrowth of residential developments and master-planned communities.

It’s a good listen. As always, you can check it out on the podcast page or on iTunes.

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  1. That was a very good report to listen to. I enjoyed Pascal’s speech and especially her English presentation skills. I wish I could have seen her in person. She certainly seems very smart and knowledgable about the subject of city development.

    I enjoyed hearing the perspective of someone who doesn’t live here in Las Vegas. They often see things from a better perspective and point out many things we overlook.

    It was also good to hear how ‘local casinos’ started earlier than we usually think. Plus it was good to hear about the differences in offerings supplied by local casinos versus tourist casinos.

    This talk made me think deeper about the subject of what came first: Local casinos or neighborhood development. (It’s sort of similar to the ‘chicken or egg’ dilemma).

    Do local casinos spur neighborhood growth? Or is it vice versa? I still am not sure, but it’s a very good question.

    Thanks for posting this insightful lecture and for presenting Ms. Nedelec. I hope she enjoyed her stay in Las Vegas.
    Today I just picked up a new book I ordered from the library that talks about the social nature of cities and urban design. I thought I should mention this book for possible reading by people like Pascale and other interested in how people use their cities.

    * ‘City: Rediscovering the Center’ (Univ of Penn Press, 2010, W. Whyte.

    This book has some great chapter titles:

    * The Social Life of the Street
    * Street people
    * The Skilled pedestrian
    * The Physical Street
    * The Sensory Street
    * The Design of Spaces
    * Water, Wind Trees, and Light
    * The Management of Spaces
    * Carrying Capacity
    * Steps and Entrances
    * Concourses and Skyways
    * Megastructures
    * etc, etc,

    I can hardly wait to get started reading this book and think certain other people, like Pascale might enjoy this book aslo.

    Thanks again for the speech and post DGS.

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