Straight Dope on counterfeit chips

It’s always great when people debunk casino-related myths and misconceptions. I’d like to point you to The Straight Dope’s handling of a casino counterfeiting question:

Dear Cecil:It occurs to me that it would be much simpler to counterfeit casino chips than paper currency. Besides the fact that its the mob thats after you and not the cops, why is this not done? Is there some kind of special watermark or antifraud device built into casino chips? It just seems so simple.—Harvey, Montreal

Guest contributor Ianzin replies:Casinos are well aware of this possible scam, and take great precautions to prevent it. The truth is that it’s at least as hard to create counterfeit casino chips as it is to create counterfeit money, and maybe even harder.

via The Straight Dope: Whats to stop me from making counterfeit casino chips?.

Click through the read the whole thing. It’s researched, logical, and well-reasoned, unlike much of the stuff you read about casinos, particularly casino security.

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