Piped in

If you haven’t popped over to gaming.unlv.edu lately, give it a shot in the next few days.

I’m in the middle of totally overhauling the site and, like I usually do, I’m making the changes on the fly and posting them as they’re done. I figure that since the site is free and the worst that can happen are broken links or weird-looking pages…which isn’t always that much different from what’s already up there.

Today’s changes: I’ve started to reformat the Gaming Hall of Fame pages (that’s going to take a while) and, more importantly, I’ve made some serious changes to the main page. Gone are the long-to-load feed.informer feeds–I’m now using Yahoo pipes to bring in content. I’m still experimenting, but I have high hopes. Look for some great stuff soon.

1 thought on “Piped in”

  1. In the Gaming Hall of Fame picture there is the ultimate “carnival barker” Don King. If there was a Carnival Hall of Fame Don King would be my first nominee. My second nominee would be Bob Stupak. Long live Vegas World.

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