Full moon + ETs = fun run

This run sounds like fun–I’m doing it this Saturday/Sunday. It’s the ET Full Moon Midnight Marathon, 1/2, 10K:

Running along the fringe of the mysterious Area 51, this stretch of highway (375) has an overwhelming number of reported UFO sightings. So much so, that in 1996 the federal government officially named highway 375 the Extraterrestrial Highway. Not only is the ET Highway full of alien fun, it traverses some gorgeous scenery as well. At roughly 4000-5600 foot elevation, the high desert abounds with joshua trees and other vegetation unique to the area. This road is also “open range”, so don’t be surprised if you’re passing cows on course!


We get into a bus at the Atrium Suites at 8:30, arrive in Rachel 2.5 hours later, and start running the half-marathon at 12:30. Running a half-marathon in the dark (you’re supposed to bring a flashlight) is a first for me, so I’m excited.

If I don’t post anything on Monday, I either got abducted by aliens or stepped on by an irate cow.

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