Shooting at NY-NY

I’m waiting to go one KNPR’s State of Nevada right now so I’ve got time to post this. If you haven’t heard already, there was a shooting early this morning at New York-New York. From KLAS:

A man opened fire from a casino mezzanine inside a Las Vegas Strip casino early today, wounding three people before being tackled by officers and patrons.

Police revised initial reports that four people were wounded in the 12:45 am shooting at the New York New York hotel-casino, and credit bystanders with subduing the gunman before on-duty police arrived.

Thirteen-year-old Troy Sanchez of California was wounded in the left ankle. He says he heard more than ten gunshots. Initially, he thought it was fireworks.

The suspect, a man believed to be in his early 50s and a Las Vegas resident, discharged his firearm several times at patrons below causing panic among casino patrons.

Las Vegas Now – Shooting at New York New York

None of the injuries were apparently life-threatening, but these kinds of shootings are a risk in any public place these days. It’s ironic that right now I’m listening to some blowhard argue against CCTV cameras in public spaces, when footage from these cameras might have helped alert security to exactly what was happening and will certainly help to prosecute the shooter.

As someone who’s been on both sides of the surveillance camera, I really don’t have a problem with surveillance in public places where there is no expectation of privacy.

This anti-CCTV guy is really obnoxious–I would honestly turn this off if I could, but I’m wired in waiting to go on in the next segment to talk about 07/07/07.

I must be psychic or something–it turns out I can stop listening now. The producer just told me I got bumped for time reasons. So while I won’t be able to pontificate on lucky sevens, I do get to stop listening to that guy blathering on.

If you want to read what I have to say about 07/07/07, you can check the Detroit Free Press or the Times Herald-Record. I did a bunch of interviews about this already, and I’ve got a piece about the history of luck that’s going to run in tomorrow’s LVRJ.

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