Interview on Dr. Alvin Jones Show

I recently recorded an interview with Dr. Alvin Augustus Jones, whose radio show is billed as “”Where World Leaders And Thinkers Come To Chat.”

It was one of my best interviews yet–Dr. Jones asked some excellent questions that not only let me talk about the book, but made me think about gambling, history, and politics in new ways.

Like most pleasant chats, it felt like it lasted about 5 minutes, but I think it ran closer to 30. You can listen to the interview right here:

Roll the Bones interview on the Dr. Alvin Augustus Jones Show

Important note: I think you’ve got to be running Internet Explorer to correctly open the interview–I tried it with Firefox and Navigator first, and only got it to work with IE. If you’re running the latest version of Firefox (according to my web stats, most of my readers are using Firefox), just click on the “View this page in IE” button after you follow the link above.

We cover some interesting areas, including the last chapter (the tour of Wynn) and the difference between government-sponsored and private-industry gambling.

Looking at his main page, it’s clear that Dr. Jones has had a number of distinguished guests. Speaking with him, I can see why–he’s an unusually perceptive interviewer who asks questions that build a real conversation between the host and the guest. For an author looking to explain his book to the public, it’s an ideal talk to have.

And if you happen to be a radio or TV host or producer yourself and have some air time to fill, please contact me about appearing on your show. With the Roll the Bones media tour kicking into high gear, I am making an extra effort to make myself available. Whether this means doing a phone interview at 6:15 AM or driving across the Strip to CoverEdge for a remote TV interview, I’m ready to talk about the book.

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