Keep Monopoly turned on

I got this in my inbox and thought I would pass it on.

Tomorrow, we are launching the online petition to support Atlantic City’s presence on Hasbro’s new version of Monopoly. The homepage of our website, will have a button that says: Keep AC On The Board. Click on that button and sign the petition. Please take a moment to sign the petition and MORE IMPORTANTLY, please forward the petition to at least 10 friends or colleagues! We want to gather as many signatures as possible so that we have a big list to deliver to Hasbro on May 12!!! If you’re interested in what hasbro is doing, just visit their website at and click on the Monopoly voting button.

Coming from the folks who brought us “Always Turned On,” I can’t see this effort failing.

I’m just impressed that the AC website has finally incorporated a skyline shot that shows the Borgata, now the city’s most prominent casino.

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