Rez dogs playing poker

I’ve gotten enough emails from people asking me to appraise yellowing prints of Coolidge’s “A Friend in Need” to make me regret putting that image in the UNLV online Gaming Art Gallery, but sometimes I get a neat email that makes it all worthwhile. Today, I got such an email from artist Roxanne Chinook:

Coolidge’s, original Dogs Play Poker inspired me to play homage to REZ DOGS, that roam freely on tribal reservations. These notorious dogs usually never had their shots, never sleep or allowed in homes, only fed table scraps, eat salmon to rotten deer carcases and don’t become ill. Most run in packs but never hurt people, some are loners. They have a sense of pride in their struts as they freely roam on reservation land. You will often see a Pack of them (3-5) strutting down the middle of a highway like they own the road. They usually don’t live very long, but I’ve seen many of them with gray whiskers.

My painting titled, Rez Dogs Playing Poker, is a tribute to them and yes a inspiration and parody of Coolidge’s DPP, that I fell in love with the first time I saw it as a child. Also, a tribute to my people (Native Americans) because we are survivors too.

Here’s a look at the painting:

Rez dogs playing poker
If you are interested, you can get yourself a print, which would be great, or you can buy the original. I think it might be a great addition to any poker room.

Remember, art can only flourish because of artists, and artists only survive through your patronage. You can learn more about the artist and her work on the Roxanne Chinook page.

Speaking of artist support, the LVRJ’s Norm gave some ink to my book signing tomorrow at Mandalay Place. If you want to support a rather obscure writer of gambling history, please stop by the Reading Room between 2 and 4.

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