Treasure Bay expands

This isn’t a huge story but it’s not often that I can blog on what was once my favorite Gulf Coast casino. From the Sun-Herald:

Treasure Bay casino, once known for its pirate ship facade, opened a new casino floor and a buffet on Monday in the hotel across the street that has been its home since Katrina came ashore.

“Biloxi needs to be proud,” said Charlotte McIntire of Gulfport. “We got our treasure back.”

She and her husband, Stanley, joined more than 100 others in line, eager for their first look at the casino.

Treasure Bay reopened onshore in summer 2006 with just slot machines on the hotel’s lower floor. The new main floor has 400 more slots plus table games and is accessible by elevator or staircases that look out toward the water.

Susan Varnes, chief operating officer of Treasure Bay, said the expansion will add about 400 employees, bringing the casino’s total workers to 600. More will be hired soon. “Hotel rooms in the tower are coming online very quickly,” said Varnes. : EXPANSION AHOY!

That pirate ship was the best ever–and the carpet was the best, too.

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