Digesting the Strip

Good writing can transform an otherwise blah piece about industry consolidation into something that is actually enjoyable to read. Witness a recent account of a gaming conference from the AP’s Adam Goldman, long a favorite here:

From AP via the LV Sun:

The two-day conference being held at Wynn Las Vegas covers industry issues such as casino operations, technology and regulatory oversight.

The event’s highlight is usually a panel of financial gurus who offer their insights and expound on current industry trends.

Monday’s discussion didn’t disappoint, as some of the top guns in the business let opinions fly in a forum other than a prosaic investor’s call.

Jim Murren, MGM Mirage president and chief financial officer, said his company was not finished consuming rivals.

“Are we done?” he asked. “Absolutely not.”

But Murren tempered his comments by saying MGM Mirage, which recently completed a $7.9 billion merger with Mandalay Resort Group, would need time to absorb the new employees and properties that currently make it the biggest gambling company in the world.

“It’s always best to digest before eating again,” Murren said.

Las Vegas SUN: Gambling executives believe industry consolidation will continue

There’s something about the extended food metaphor that makes me think of Being There. Sort of Chauncey saying “All is well, and all will be well, in the garden,” and people interpret it as a macroeconomic analysis. There’s some great sound clips from the movie here, by the way.

I guess that part of the talk must’ve come after lunch.

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