In search of…

This has nothing to do with the TV show In Search Of, I just want to imagine Leonard Nimoy narrating this entry while spooky music plays in the background. This is actually about the disturbing variety of search terms that lead people to this site. I might not be posting for the rest of the week, so I figured this was a good time to post this perennial topic.

This month, people have come to Die Is Cast looking for gambling and casino topics, for example:

casino carpet
casino carpeting
casino carpet patterns
growing trend of poker
golden nugget landry s
casino image gallery
mit gamblers
foxwoods expansion
excalibur world series poker electronic handheld
us-gambling case and gats problems
las vegas casino surveillance room picture

Other people come inexplicably looking for porn. I haven’t done searches for any of these terms, but I can’t imagine that my site is near the top of the list. It seems that there are a lot of people spending their nights scrolling through search results looking for that perfect image:

hardcore porn
free hardcore porn
hardcore porn photo gallery
drew barrymore porn
lcc lower canada college sex
drew barrymore pictures beach
free hardcore porn pictures
free hardcore porn movies

And so on. Guys, I wish I had the Drew Barrymore beach pictures to post, but sorry, you’ve got to look elsewhere. People also seem to want pictures of Borgata Babes and Mariska Hagartay, but not necessarily hardcore ones.

Then there is just weird stuff that seems to defy logic:

kids haircut in los angeles
who faced chris benoit in two different wrestlemanias
drug tonopah yale north las vegas
donovan mcnabb bad hair
borat free video
does a380 fly
online gambling virginia law -bathtubs
island of dr. moreau – study guide
how to dance the mashed potata
nj transit bus gallery
clothing optional pictures
pictures of julius caesar early years

I’m glad that people looking for all of these things came here, and I hope they found some something useful.

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