Interviewed on the History Behind News Podcast

I recently joined host Adel Aali on the History Behind News podcast to discuss the history of gambling. The podcast, which is available on several platforms, intends to make in-depth history researched and written by scholars enjoyable and accessible to everyone. It was a wide-ranging discussion, heading into places that surprised even me at time. […]

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Grandissimo on Hotel Interactive

The Grandissimo media tour continues, this time as the author spends some time with Glenn Haussman, host of the Hotel Interactive podcast:

David G. Schwartz is not just a PhD but also the Director, Center for Gaming Research, at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, an amazing historian as well as the author of several books including Roll The Bones, which is a history of gambling since the dawn of time and his newest, Grandissimo: The First Emperor of Las Vegas, the story of Caesars Palace developer Jay Sarno.

Friday, January 10, 2014

To listen to the podcast, follow the above link or go here

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Tipping the Odds with Grandissimo

The Grandissimo media tour continues with a guest appearance on the Tipping the Odds podcast. I enjoyed talking about the book with Mitch and Dr. Kev:

Tipping the Odds #91: Interview with Dr. David Schwartz

Direct link to show

Listen in—it was a lot of fun recording it. I’m still trying to think of an appropriate Vegas story for their book prohect. 

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Grandissimo on Gambling with an Edge

Yesterday the Grandissimo media tour reached critical mass, with several interview tapings. The first of these to be posted is my interview with Bob Dancer and Richard Munchkin on the Gambling with an Edge Radio Show:

The show is available here: http://www.slot-machine-resource.com/podcasts/dschwartz.mp3

I really enjoyed talking with Bob and Richard about the book. With their own long careers in gambling, they added a real perspective to the discussion.

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Talking about Grandisismo on Talk about Las Vegas

For the latest stop on the Grandissimo global media tour, I had a wonderful conversation with Ira David Sternberg for his show Talk about Las Vegas with Ira, which is broadcast on KUNV and is available for online listening as well.

Although this has just been released, it’s one of the first interviews I did for the book, and it was a great chance to discuss the book with someone who knows and ins and outs of Las Vegas past and present. 

You can listen to the show here, or visit the episode page

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Grandisismo on the Gamblers Book Club Podcast

It was a real thrill, as always, to sit down with the legendary Howard Schwartz at the Gamblers Book Shop and talk about Grandissimo. 

Gamblers Book Club Podcast: EPISODE 129- Grandissimo: The First Emperor of Las Vegas: How Jay Sarno Inspired Modern Las Vegas by David G. Schwartz

Direct link to listen or download

As you’ll hear, I had a great time recording this one. I could easily have spent a few hours riffing with Howard. Two weeks ago, I sat and listened to Howard talking with Oscar Goodman (Oscar noticed me lurking towards the end and mentioned me), which was incredibly fun. 

This was my third or fourth time on Howard’s podcast, and it’s always something I look forward to. This time, you get to hear me in unabashedly book-selling mode. I figured that it was appropriate, because you can buy the book directly from the Gamblers Book Club after listening. 

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Talking Grandissimo on 360 Vegas Podcast

This weekend, I guest-co-hosted the 360 Vegas Podcast and got the chance to talk about current Las Vegas news, the prizes and pitfalls of studying Las Vegas history, and, naturally, Grandissimo.

Link to listen or download

Too many highlights to mention, including a digression into my former career as a costumed character on the Atlantic City Boardwalk. Basically it’s a fun conversation between Mark and me about things we like and are fascinated by, centering on Las Vegas. 

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New UNLV podcast: Poker and Capitalism

I’ve put up today’s Gaming Colloquium lecture as a podcast. You can listen to it here or subscribe in iTunes. You know, I don’t think Steve Cyr used the word “zeitgeist” in his talk, and Bjerg didn’t once mention boozed-up high rollers. That’s what I like about this speakers’ series–we can hear a real diversity

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New poker podcast up

The fifth episode of the UNLV Gaming Research podcast series is up, and it’s a great one: Jacob Avery, our February 2009 Research Fellow, talks about his sociological research into poker, which started in an Atlantic City card room and has taken him to UNLV Special Collections’ Reading Room. Avery, a graduate student in sociology

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