Is the Grass Really Greener? |  From the Ombuds

Often, I hear people say that they would be happier somewhere else. That may or may not be objectively true, but I wrote this post as a way of explaining what I feel when people paint their current workplace as uniquely dysfunctional:

As part of my drive to be the best ombuds for UNLV that I can (and, I won’t deny it, because they are extremely interesting people), I’ve cultivated as many opportunities as I can to speak with ombuds at other colleges, laboratories, and universities. I’m writing about this today because I spent time last week at my first in-person gathering of ombuds. Getting to relate with my peers from other institutions in person rather than over Zoom or Google Meet (or Microsoft Teams) helped me reflect on the importance of ombuds in an academic setting and, more personally, my own role here at UNLV.

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