Roll the Bones Audiobook available

Roll the Bones Audiobook

I am very excited to announce that the audio version of Roll the Bones: The History of Gambling is now available. For the second time, I collaborated with Eric Martin, who narrated and produced the audio version.

The audio version has some unique content–an interview where Eric and I talk a little about the writing process for the book and what has happened in the gambling world since the paperback/ebook’s 2013 publication.

You can buy the book through Amazon, Audible, or iTunes. If you have never used Audible, you are in luck. I have a special code that can get you a free 30-day Audible trial, which will let you listen to all 16 hours and 59 minutes of the book for free.

I’d like to thank Eric for all of his hard work on this project–it would not have happened without him.

So if you have 17 hours worth of travel time, downtime, or just plain free time and want to learn more about the history of gambling with an emphasis on casinos, you are in luck.

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