Talking with Dalton Castle & Kelly Klein in Vegas Seven

I was lucky enough to interview two of the wrestlers who will be competing in this weekend’s Ring of Honor 16th Anniversary show at Sam’s Town Live and on PPV. First, I asked current ROH champ a few questions. Here’s the first one:

Can you tell me about Dalton Castle’s road from Catalina Island (his billed hometown) to the ROH championship?

Do you want to know about the ferry ride, the flight, the long ride, how it never seemed impossible?

I never really planned on being a professional wrestler. I was an NCAA wrestler in college, a student in broadcasting and the theater, and the second I graduated, it became apparent I had been training to be a wrestler my entire life by surrounding myself with people who were wrestlers, learning how to use my body as an amateur wrestler, learning how to emote and perform in theater. But it took a friend who was already a wrestler to say you’d be perfect at this.

The second I tried it I loved it, and I ended up being really damn good at it.

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Dalton was a blast to talk to. I then had a good conversation with Kelly Klein, who is one of the favorites to win the tournament that will crown a new Women of Honor champion. A sample:

Can you explain why you’re the gatekeeper?

I am the gatekeeper because I am the person that everyone has to go through to show that they can handle themselves and be successful in Ring of Honor. If someone hasn’t faced me, they haven’t really been tested or proven. I’m the one person who has never been pinned [or] submitted in nearly three years in Ring of Honor.

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Klein has a great story that I’m really glad to help her share. Overall, looks like an exciting weekend of wrestling in Las Vegas, with the ROH PPV followed by a TV taping on Saturday at Sam’s Town, with Future Stars of Wrestling’s big Mecca II event at the Cannery on Sunday.