Games Millennials Play – Vegas Seven

How about those millennials? I’m more interesed in video games than demographics, but that seems to be the hook that is getting casinos interested in a different kind of gaming. You can now find tournaments at the Silver Sevens, as I talk about in the latest Green Felt Journal:

Millennials—technically those born between 1980 and 2000, but more generally anyone younger and more tech-savvy than whoever is running things—started aging onto casinos’ radar about a decade ago (today they are 16 to 36 years old). Past millennial outreach efforts have included nightlife (great for those who can afford bottle service prices) and social media (an already crowded arena).

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I’m happy that I didn’t let me Generation X bitterness flow too freely. It just bugs me sometimes that no one seems to care what Gen X does with their time or money–we went straight from Baby Boomers to millennials.

But seriously, I think LEET is doing some very interesting stuff now. If you’re into games, you could do worse in Las Vegas.

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