Fantasy Land | Vegas Seven

It’s kind of meta that, in the big holiday rush last week, I didn’t share my latest in Vegas Seven, a look at the maybe fantasy called Wonderland:

In Las Vegas, you’re never quite sure what’s real, what’s fantasy and what’s just wishful speculation. And it’s never possible to tell which is which, until it’s entirely obvious.

The latest real-or-not dream might be Wonderland, a project which purports to bring the charm of winter to 18 acres on the Las Vegas Strip: a cluster of pre-fab faux storefronts decked out in twinkling lights, the sound of sleigh bells ringing, everything dusted in fake snow. Like nothing you’ve ever seen, and everything you’ve ever wanted!

via Fantasy Land | Vegas Seven.

I guess we’ll find out in a few days if this is actually happening, though the original website and media pack were entertaining in their own right.