I’m an “Emerging Leader” in Gaming

It’s a wonderful honor to be recognized by one’s peers, and I am energized and awed by being part of G2E’s “Emerging Leaders” group.

As part of that honor, I am part of Global Gaming Business magazine’s “40 under 40” feature this month, with a brief profile:

Unlike most academics, Schwartz’s experience in gaming brings a realistic view of the world not always shared in the ivy-covered towers. Schwartz’s mentors include the late Shannon Bybee, a former casino executive and founder of the International Gaming Institute at UNLV, and the late Bill Eadington, the founder of the Center for the Study of Commercial Gaming at the University of Nevada, Reno. Schwartz combines Bybee’s real-life approach to education with Eadington’s love of research, and is truly the spiritual academic heir to their gaming education tradition.

via Learning the Game | Global Gaming Business Magazine.

It’s great to have a platform to not only get to ask the really interesting questions, but to share what I learn not just with academics but also with people in the industry. I hope I’m able to continue to contribute in ways that help people better understand not only where gambling has been, but where it is going.