The Launch at VIMFP: Details

We are a mere nine days away from the Grandissimo global launch event at The D Casino Hotel in Downtown Las Vegas.

The event is part of the Vegas Internet Mafia Family Picnic’s Main Event. As you can see from that link, it is quite a lineup. 

The Grandisismo launch will be happening sometime shortly after 4 pm on Saturday, October 19. I will talk about the book, thank a few folks who deserve all our love, read a bit, and take questions.

There will be giveaways: postcards, bookmarks, stickers, and even some limited edition Walls360 repositionable wall art. 

So come on down. I’ll be part of the Vegas Gang, which starts at precisely 1:57 that afternoon, and will be thoroughly enjoying the Five Hundy segment which follows. I’d love for you to share this day with me and a few dozen like-minded Vegas lovers.

Thanks to Hunter, Chuck, Tim, & Michele for putting this together, as well as our host, Derek Stevens. This will be a blast.

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