Casino attractions that matter in Vegas Seven

My latest in the Las Vegas Business Press is inspired by a recent more at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas:

Recently, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas announced a replacement for its Strip-front pop-up wedding chapel, itself a replacement for Droog, a quirky boutique chock full of intricately fashioned, completely impractical, outrageously expensive furniture. The new tenant? EA Sports Bar, a bar/video gaming area featuring the latest titles from the popular game maker. They should pay their rent, and Madden 12 enthusiasts will be jazzed at the possibility of playing on the Strip, but will it help the bottom line at The Cosmopolitan, which has yet to find its gambling groove?

via Las Vegas Business Press :: David G. Schwartz : To matter, attractions must draw business.

As I indicate, this is a complex question. Does retail simply support the casino, does it drive customers into the casino, or does it offer something completely different from the casino as a way of getting people who wouldn’t usually be patrons through the door?

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