Words of Caution in the LVBP

I’ve got a new column in this week’s Las Vegas Business Press:

Nor is this kind of chicanery limited to poker. MF Global was, until last November, a large global financial derivatives dealer, making its money on its traders abilities to correctly speculate on the upward and downward movement of prices for bonds, commodities, and currencies. Risky, yes, but, as with Full Tilt, these guys were supposed to know what they were doing.

via Las Vegas Business Press :: David G. Schwartz : In poker and business, be careful whom you trust.

Even though online poker’s had some issues, it’s nothing compared to the messes we’ve seen in financial services industries.

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  1. The reason I do not play blackjack or poker on the internet is that I enjoy the interaction between the customers at the tables in a casino. I know with the younger generation this might be popular (I am 45 years old) but I guess I am old fashioned in this way.

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