Run the Strip with me

If you’ve been thinking about running in the Zappo’ Rock and Roll Las Vegas Marathon and Half-Marathon on December 4 but haven’t been sure, this might tip the scales. You can–guaranteed–run the half marathon with me.

I’ll be leading the 1:52 half-marathon pace group, so if you don’t mind a somewhat leisurely pace, I’d love to see you on race night. Yes, race night. This year they’re running the race at night (well, early evening). The marathon kicks off at 4:00 and the half-marathon gets going at 5:30. That means that, if you’re running with me, you should be back at Mandalay Bay by 7:30.

If the prospect of spending nearly two hours of your weekend running up and down the Strip with me holding a pace sign isn’t inducement enough, I can offer you the “don’t” as well. If you want to run the race but absolutely don’t want to run into me, if you run it at any other time you’re just about guaranteed to have a completely Dr. Dave-free race. And if that’s not incentive enough, I don’t know what is.

I’m looking forward to the race being a little different this year–I’m not sure exactly how and when the parking is going to work (the official site says “coming soon!”), but I’m sure I’ll figure something out.

If you want to register or just check out the event, you can check the official race page.

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