Busy day on Two Way Hard Three

I had a busy day yesterday. I added a previously-written column on the history of Steel Pier right here and I wrote two pieces for Two Way Hard Three.

The first was a fun little piece about Vegas insider moves:

Everyone wants to feel that they’re a Vegas insider. It might be something as basic as knowing that the airport connector isn’t the most direct route from McCarran to the MGM Grand, or it might be something as esoteric as being able to quote, from memory, the names of all of the bouncers at every Vegas nightclub.

Basically, it feels good to know that you’re doing Vegas right. There are so many rookie mistakes to be made (and hey, even locals make them all the time) that it’s great to know that you didn’t waste your time or get ripped off.

Little Vegas insider moves

Then, reacting to news that Steel Pier was for sale (and the justification for it), I shared a few thoughts on Steel Pier:

To me, Steel Pier is symbolic of the failures of the casino industry in Atlantic City. When it was being built, a bridge over the Boardwalk to Steel Pier was considered one of the marquee attractions of the Taj. This would have hosted a restaurant or nightclub offering tremendous views of the Boardwalk. I can only imagine how great it would have been to sit down for a meal or go out for a night of dancing with the lights of the Boardwalk and the ocean waves surrounding you.

Trump selling Steel Pier reveals much

I hope you read and enjoy both pieces.

2 thoughts on “Busy day on Two Way Hard Three”

  1. Not sure I like your switch to the new blog. You don’t get nearly the responses that you used to get on DIC. I liked the back and forth that the regular posters had here. They did not seem to follow you. Just sayin…..

  2. The best way to get to the MGM Grand casino (if you are parking your own vehicle): park in the east Tropicana parking lot (off of Tropicana Ave.), cross Tropicana Ave. at the stoplight, walk past the MGM Grand’s valet area and into the casino.

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