Bacc and penny thoughts on TWHT

My first post at Two Way Hard Three is up–it’s a few thoughts where Nevada gaming’s headed right now (as opposed to six months ago):

Last week, one of the local dailies ran a story reporting on the latest trend: baccarat and penny slots are big revenue producers for casinos, particularly on the Las Vegas Strip.

Great story, but it’s about 6 months out of date–at least where baccarat’s concerned. And, as a look at the numbers will show, the ascendancy of the penny slot is hardly news. There’s a real story in here, but it’s not the one you read in the paper–and it’s not necessarily a good one for Nevada gaming.

Thoughts on Bacc and Pennies – Two Way Hard Three

Go ahead and read it–it’s the kind of extended analysis that I look forward to doing there.

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