As you might have read over on Two Way Hard Three, I’m going to be blogging over there from now on. I’m really excited to be joining the TWHT team–I’ve admired Hunter’s work for years, and I really like the depth and analysis that Jeff Simpson brings to his pieces over there. I think that a lot of what I have to say will reach a bigger audience over there than it has here.

When I started, I was in the middle of writing Roll the Bones, and mainly wanted a site to share information about my books and my thoughts on what was going on in Las Vegas.

Since then, my writing on Vegas has really flowered–I write biweekly for the Las Vegas Business Press, have a biweekly column in Vegas Seven, and also have been writing regular feature and news pieces for Vegas Seven. That means that I don’t really have the time to focus on doing the kind of blog I started doing, where I shared and commented on other people’s news stories. Instead, I’m generating my own news stories and writing more extended commentaries about big issues in the news. The blog as I’ve been doing it just didn’t seem like the best fit for that anymore.

I’ll still be using the space to link to everything I write, and also to highlight my books with a little more intensity. I’ll also use it to share information about my speaking and consulting services.

Basically, instead of this being my version of a catch-all blog about Vegas and the gaming industry with some information about my professional work appended, it’s going to focus primarily on my professional work.

I’m renaming the site, since most people who come here will be looking specifically for information about me. I’ve still got, so old links will still work, but you should probably change your bookmarks.

Another change is that the carpet gallery is migrating over to Again, grouped with lots of other casino photos, it’ll be a better fit there, and even though I’ll still be updating it, shifting it over there will let me concentrate on talking about my professional work over here.

So I’ve had fun with DieIsCast for the past 6 years or so, and I look forward to sharing more of my work with you on

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