New report: Average Big Strip Casino, 2010

After some work, I’ve finally produced the first fruits of the Nevada Gaming Abstract 2010’s publication, over on

Average Big Las Vegas Strip Casino, 2010
A statistical summary of the average Las Vegas Strip casino (with annual gaming revenues of over $72 million) with both gaming and non-gaming revenues and information on employment, taxes, and expenses.

Reports–Center for Gaming Research

Compared to the 2009 numbers, a few things jump out:

1. Revenue from all departments except “Beverage” fell.

2. “Beverage” revenues increased modestly (about 5.8%)

3. Despite the big increase in high-end play, pit revenue per room/per day actually decreased–mostly because so many rooms were added.

4. Rooms payroll per room/per day increased slightly

5. The biggest decline was in slot revenue, which fell from $307,047.44 per casino/per day to $282,030.71 per casino/per day.

6. Table revenues increased a bit, from $247,525.48 per casino/per day to $252,092.10 per casino per day.

7. Return on invested capital increased from -4.3% in fiscal 2009 to 0.2% in fiscal 2010.

Those are just a few things I noticed–feel free to discover your own surprises in there, good and bad.

I’m going to be updating the employment studies and working on some bigger comparative/longitudinal projects next.

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