Ho’s wife’s maid wins the lottery

This story’s only tangentially about gambling, but it’s interesting in a quirky sort of way. From the Malaysian Star:

A Malaysian maid working in Hong Kong has reportedly won over HK$30mil RM12mil in a local lottery, China Press reported.The middle-aged woman is a helper at the mansion of Angela Leong, the fourth wife of casino tycoon Stanley Ho, known as the “King of Gambling”.

The woman bought a Mark Six ticket lottery organised by the Hong Kong Jockey Club on her birthday, as suggested by her employer’s family, said the paper.

A member of the Ho family confirmed the news to Hong Kong newspaper Apple Daily.

via Malaysian maid wins RM12mil in HK lottery.

I think that’s somewhere in the range of $4 million US, which isn’t bad. According to the rest of the article, she’s going to keep her job since she’s very attached to Mrs. Leong’s daughter.

Is it ironic that a woman who indirectly works for one of the world’s wealthiest casino owners takes their advice to buy a lottery ticket, then wins? Maybe.

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